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Awhile ago I did a product review on a sample of sensitive toothpaste from Biotene, and as promised, I’ve used it steadily since then and it’s time to do my full review of the product.


I’ve had a few sensitive teeth on one side of my mouth for as long as I can remember, the pain for cold more than hot is an especially intense jolt and it drives me up the wall and makes me turn into a dragon if even mildly icy water even touches one of those teeth. I’ve always had to deal with that and until recently I’ve been a user of Sensodyne, which isn’t bad for this particular ailment. But, very recently, I got the opportunity to use Biotene instead and I’ve been really pleased with the results!

Biotene combines Potassium Nitrate, which is apparently the number one most effective ingredient for sensitivity protection with it’s patented Enzyme LP3 Complex™ and that keeps a lid on the harmful bacteria that cause gingivitis and oral infection, so it’s actually helping your gums heal while it fights cavitities AND tooth sensitivity! You can’t tell me that’s not cool, if you did I wouldn’t believe you, lol.

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