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I don’t know if you’ve heard about Trusted Tours and Attractions before, but they’ve got discounted tickets to sight seeing tours in some awesome destinations. I’ve never really thought about sightseeing tours, I mean I knew about them – I knew they existed – but every vacation I’ve ever taken was just a trip to relax and let the world roll by, but you don’t really get to fully experience a location that way. I’d love to go to Key West, or back to San Diego, where my step sister used to live. We used to go up every couple of years and stay with her, and we’d go to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and drive all the way up to Anaheim and visit Disneyland and Knott’s, which were, and still remain to this day, my favorite vacation activities.

One of the more fun memories of visiting San Diego was going to the Zoo when I was 12. My parents kept a pretty tight leash on us, they were very strict and, to be honest, didn’t like Laota and I to really enjoy anything we were doing – almost like we were committing a sin by having fun. We weren’t allowed to make noise, or laugh too loud or too much, and heaven help you if you were hurt or cried at all. So most of our vacations were spent with everyone sitting quietly in a relatives living room. But this particular year we were both with our step sister (who’s 20 years older than us) and not our parents, and we ran around like lunatics, all three of us. We bought souvenirs, which we later got in trouble for, and took pictures of the animals, especially the birds. We even bought San Diego Zoo visors, and for Laota and I that was us wasting money but we didn’t care, it was just nice to be allowed to have fun for once.

I’d love to go back, were I ever to get up the cash to do so. Trusted Tours and Attractions offer of Old Town Trolley tours sounds like just what I need, I get to see the sights and I don’t have to hobble around the streets looking for sights with my not-too-keen eyes, lol. Actually, Trusted Tours has an e-Newsletter and, if you sign up by December 14, 2007, you’re automatically entered to win yourself 4 free tickets to the city you choose, isn’t that awesome?

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