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Well, my mom’s at it again. Her and her boss have had a huge blow out fight over something too personal to be work related. This is so stupid. After my stepdad passed away, I thought she’d be ‘free’, so to speak, and that she wouldn’t have someone telling her what she could and couldn’t do, who she could and couldn’t talk to and where she could and couldn’t go but she’s given her boss that power over her – she’s replaced her husband with him.

She can say all she likes that she hasn’t, but she has, he comes into her house without knocking or being let in ( Which is why the dead bolt at our place stays locked now, because he can’t control himself like a normal person. ), stretches out on the couch and drinks beer while he watches her TV and if we’re anywhere near him he starts picking at us and trying to make us mad or feel bad about ourselves, and then acts like we have a great relationship when questioned about it. I’m so tired of people doing that – they start shit with you and if you retaliate then you are the one with the problem!

So, anyway, she calls me up in the middle of the night last night and says she’s had a fight with him ( Apparently it’s my fault, but I’ll get to that later. )and she’s coming over, long story short she didn’t come over and gave me no calls or excuses for that behavior, so I waited up half the night for her and eventually fell asleep waiting.

Now, onto what’s my fault about this fight. Mom claims she’s got people following her on the road, trying to kill her – yes, that’s really what she claims – and that it’s because of her work. Bossman buys it hook, line and sinker and I don’t. Bossman, the other day, asks me if I believe she’s being followed and I asked him if he wanted the truth – he said he did. So, I told him I think she’s making it up to gain attention and sympathy, and I do think so. Well, he told her I said that – now I’ve told her eight hundred times that I don’t believe she’s being followed – but when she called she was furious, as if I’d been spreading rumours about her. He asked, what was I supposed to say? “Duh, I dunno, I have to ask Mommy what I think.”!? He can bite me and so can she.

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