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bento_box: KFC Christmas (KFC Christmas)

Made my first ever re-fried beans! I basically just decided to try stuff until it worked instead of finding a decent recipe, but it turned out great!

Frijoles Refritos

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This recipe is for Tacos Valhalla, once again the photos are awful but I am trying to get a better camera so please bare with me!

It’s basically a non-beef taco made of seasoned turkey meat with fresh, cold toppings to give it sort of a salad taste instead of a really taco-y taste, which I prefer.

The recipe is very simple, brown half a pound of taco-flavored ground turkey in a skillet (we used a wok), on medium-low because turkey does not behave like ground beef – don’t make the mistake I made and follow the instructions on the package, lol!

Then we used our beautiful new toaster oven (only $18 at Walmart, works like a dream!) to toast two regular corn taco shells for set on ‘toast’ for about five minutes.

The toppings for this are fairly simple but they’re what make this Tacos Valhalla. You need fresh or canned tomatoes (diced), a bit of salsa (we go with peach or mango at our house) and plain vanilla yogurt. We’d have used shredded lettuce but we didn’t have any on hand, so the tacos aren’t as salad-y as I usually like them to be. This dish is best served at room temperature, because the cold toppings give it a great fresh salad taste with a unique sweetness (like sweet cream, not like candy lol) and a great tang. It really tastes more like hearty salad than a taco!

All about the toppings! We have plain yogurt here and mango salsa!All about the toppings! We have canned diced tomatoes here and mango salsa!

Here’s a tip – a well seasoned wok will never need to be greased, so you shouldn’t have to use any oil or even cooking spray for this, so it’s a great way to get your protein without all the fat!

Turkey Tacos Valhalla

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