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I’m so out of rice, which I hate, but I do have bento pics to share!

My bento wasn’t too labor intensive, but with everything else I was doing it was pretty hectic to make! I’ve got some Korr’s pasta and sauce alfredo flavor in the bottom of the box with a big florett of broccoli, strips of teriyaki stir fried beef roast and manderin oranges, plus some cheese stars and a coconut dofu in the Kitty Chan cup. It’s hard to see but there’s a brownie bear in there, too!

The top has Crown Egg Salad making up the sky, which means that it’s multiple pastel colors ( yellow, white, pink, blue ) with grass made out of stir fried green beans which were also used for the stem and leaves of the cheese flowers. Very tastey!

I also picked up a product I’d intended to boycott, and that’s Stix by Pringles. The reason being that it annoys me that they don’t just sell Pretz in the U.S. nation-wide but Pringles has obviously taken upon themselves to remedy that with a rip off of Pretz. But since I can’t get Pretz locally, I figured these would do and I wanted to taste them anyway. They’re very good! Not as good as Pretz, but still very good!

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