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It’s been a long time, but my sister spent some time in the hospital so everything was (and is) put on the back burner. I’m just getting back into the swing of things with this review of my first trip to Hunan Chinese Restaurant out in Kearney, Missouri!

We were given a lovely combination platter (of which there is some not as lovely video – my phone stinks!), then Orange Chicken for Laota and Three Ways + Sizzling Rice for moi (about $10 per huge plate) – Some pics & video!

The rice was a bit heavy (I’m used to sticky rice, though, so that may be why), and everything was fried or drenched in sauce – which is all fine, actually. It was American-style Chinese food and absolutely lovely! The people were lovely, the food was good, the atmosphere is amazing (piano music and some fantastic singing). Couldn’t have had a better time!

Speaking of Asian food, I have a review of Kato Japanese Restaurant coming up!

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As you may know if you know me personally (since I can’t stop gushing), Laota and I purchased our first Asian Food Grocer package in almost two years this month, and it’s been agony waiting the 6 days for it to get here! We followed it closely on the FedEx tracking website, like children follow the Santa Tracker at Christmas time, and today it finally arrived, as always, packed methodically and undamaged – as is Asian Food Grocer‘s way.

We got some of our favorites that you can’t buy here, like prepared azuki, five spice powder, spring roll skins, bamboo chopsticks and white peach Yogu Time yogurt soft drinks. But we also got our favorite soup in the world, Noodle King’s Lobster Egg Noodle Soup, which is so addictive we tend to spend way more on it than we should!

Some new-to-us finds were a kind of low salt miso (with no MSG, which will be rectified when I prepare it lol), honey spiced umeboshi pickled plums for our onigiri and mix fruit mochi.

Today was actually the first time I’d ever had mochi and now I’m addicted! You can see some crappy photos below of all the fun things we bought – we’ve purchased through Asian Food Grocer since 2005 or 2006, and can’t say enough good things about them! We’ve never had a lost or misdirected shipment, never had missing goods, never had to pay too-steep shipping (the shipping for everything was about 7 bucks FedEx ground).

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