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It’s been a long time, but my sister spent some time in the hospital so everything was (and is) put on the back burner. I’m just getting back into the swing of things with this review of my first trip to Hunan Chinese Restaurant out in Kearney, Missouri!

We were given a lovely combination platter (of which there is some not as lovely video – my phone stinks!), then Orange Chicken for Laota and Three Ways + Sizzling Rice for moi (about $10 per huge plate) – Some pics & video!

The rice was a bit heavy (I’m used to sticky rice, though, so that may be why), and everything was fried or drenched in sauce – which is all fine, actually. It was American-style Chinese food and absolutely lovely! The people were lovely, the food was good, the atmosphere is amazing (piano music and some fantastic singing). Couldn’t have had a better time!

Speaking of Asian food, I have a review of Kato Japanese Restaurant coming up!

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I reviewed this restaurant in November, I believe, because I’d gotten to treat there for my birthday (which is in November) during their grand opening and had nothing but nice things to say about the place.

Well, my tune hasn’t changed. In the last several months I’ve had take out from them a few times but this is the first time I’d been back to dine in since November.

China King isn’t a chain, or at least I don’t think it is. It’s Americanized Chinese food at it’s best. It’s clean, the staff is SO courteous, patient and nice and the food, as always, is to die for.

I went with Laota, Mom and her Hubbs and we sat in the well lit dining area (flanked by two big-screen TVs tuned to Discovery and History channels) and had a great meal, here’s some of what we had:

The only issue I have with China King is that it’s so small, and I think that limits their appeal to the locals but I love the place. The food is hot, served fast and fresh, the staff are wonderful and they have the best crab rangoon – probably the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in Missouri, period.

Curious? Check them out:

Tel: 660-425-8884
604 20th St.
Bethany, Missouri USA 64424

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My mom and her new hubby took me out for an early birthday lunch (my birthday is on Tuesday), and we headed up to Bethany instead of straying too far. They surprised me by not going to Toot-Toot (which is awful, by the way – I’m not really a buffet kind of girl, though) but instead went to the new Chinese restaurant, China King.

The first thing I noticed about China King was that it was tiny from the outside, but inside it’s about as big as an average Panda Express. It was clean and cozy, with a friendly staff who are gracious even though there’s a bit of a language barrier (they do speak English very well, though, but the way I mumble they were a bit hard of understanding me!).

When you first walk into the building you’re hit with the amazing aromas of whatever the heck they’re cooking up in the row of giant, well seasoned wok in the kitchen (you can plainly see the neat little kitchen from the register). The food portions are huge, Laota and I both had Egg Fu Yung with pork and fried rice and the portion was heaped, literally heaped, on the plate. Two large patties (each bigger than a normal hamburger patty), and a portion of rice as big as both patties, plus your choice of an egg roll or the best damn crab rangoon you’ve ever had – all for about $5.50. You could easily feed three people with the portion we were given each, we had over a whole meal’s worth for each one of us to take home.

The whole thing was delicious, the food came out fast, the service was friendly. I almost wish I could dock these guys a few points because they’re so far away. I’ve got a pic or two of the Egg Fu Yung (sorry it’s blurry, low light plus crappy camera!). A-

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Great video of Obama out-doing Bush again. Peace and prosperity in the year of the Tiger, all!

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