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I’m actually having a nice moment for once. Warm and fuzzy, even.

I’m sitting here at my very own computer, listening to 1940s Christmas
music (hate Christmas, love Christmas music) and sipping some delish
but super cheap instant cappuccino from a mug with a finch on the

I never have these little moments, which is why this is such a big
deal for me. I feel… calm. Zen, if you will, and in the mood for
another cup of dessert coffee. :)

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Ack, so cool! Josh was nice enough to poke at me this morning and let mimg-box-cupe know about this offer, which is awesome by the way if you’re a tea drinker ( and I am, in a big way ) – Oregon Chai is giving away a free sample of their tea online, which is nice since I don’t live close enough to any sort of store to go get it with a coupon, lol.

To be honest I didn’t check out the terms and conditions yet, so I have no frigging clue if this offer is about to expire or not, but either way it’s worth signing up since right now it seems to be going strong!

Speaking of tea, I have to force myself to stop blogging because ( yes, I am nothing if not timely ) the tea I’m steeping will get bitter if I don’t get into the kitchen and do something about it, lol!

To get your FREE SAMPLE of Oregon Chai Tea, CLICK HERE and fil out their form completely. Make sure you always read privacy policies!

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Coconut Chai Tea

Recipe: Coconut-Chai Iced Tea

Summary: FOR Natalie! One of my favorite treats, and very simple to make, here’s what you need:


  • 1/2 C Boiling Water
    1 Bag Green Chai Tea
    1/2 C Unsweetened Coconut Milk
    1 T Sugar


  1. Steep tea in boiling water for 3 minutes, until it’s very dark, before dunking (several times) and removing tea bag (do NOT squeeze, as it will make tea bitter).

    Pour your coconut milk into a clear glass and add your sugar, mix well. Now you want to put a spoon upside down in your glass right over your milk but not touching it. Slowly pour your tea over the back of your spoon, rocking the spoon back and fourth, to keep the tea and milk from mixing. Add ice if desired.

Cooking time (duration): 5

Number of servings (yield): 1

Meal type: cocktail

Culinary tradition: Thai

My rating:4.0 stars

Copyright © Original Recipe by Faith Bowie, May Be Republished With Credit.
Recipe by on.
Microformatting by hRecipe.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bento

Trying this one more time – my plugin made my related posts go haywire! Had a great dinner of fakey bento proportions. We only had $1.50 to our name so instead of buying things we need, we hauled off and bought cookies which we had with warm milk tea. Mine are in my Buffalo Wings take home container, which works as a sort of not so cute bento but fun none the less!

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As we intended to last time Schwan’s Day came around, Laota and I got the Black Raspberry juice concentrate and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it! First of all, you get a case of six cartons of concentrate, each makes 2 quarts of juice drink – that’s 12 Q of juice drink for about $6 after taxes. That’s 2Q for a dollar – 2 quarts of juice drink actually costs less than buying a 2L of Pepsi.

On top of that the taste is amazing! It’s got a nice, full, round body to it – like grape juice. And a bit of acidity, but you can definately taste the raspberry flavor, which is nice and full like a concord grape. It’s very satisfying, we plan on getting it every Schwan’s day because it’s just deicious.

This week, however, we didn’t have much cash so we blew $11 on two bags of frozen seasoned curly fries – definately worthwhile!

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Whoo, it’s Schwan’s day! Granted, I only have $20 to spend, but I’ve been saving up ( yes I’m that poor, lol ) to get a treat. Laota and I have decided that we need to try out Schwan’s black raspberry fruit drink mix since we’re both always thirsty more than hungry, and we’re also going to get some ice cream then I’m gonna take the rest of my pay and put it towards milk, sugar and bread since we finally have tea and eggs in the house and I don’t have to buy them. Yay me!

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Okay, as you know about a week ago I bought a case of root beer cups from Schwan’s – and, let me tell you, they were good. They were so good, in fact, that I want to learn to make my own. I’m not sure how I’ll do this but I’m going to figure something out, lol, and when I do I’ll post the recipe here.

As far as I know, regular vanilla ice cream should work but you shouldn’t use regular root beer. They use what tastes like root beer flavored ice with the ice cream, the reason I like this better is because it makes it easier for me to judge how long to put it in the microwave, and even better how long to freeze it so it’s solid enough to pack in bento. I figure if I make them big enough to fit in my hello kitty thermos, I can just pull one out of the freezer, pop it into the thermos and go and it’ll melt over the course of the day and by the time I’m ready to have bento it’ll be nice and melty but still cold if I play my cards right.

I’m gonna try it with that home-made root beer packet drink they sell at WalMart, double-strength, and see if it works. If it does, I’ll let you know!

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Yay Miso

Jan. 29th, 2008 01:22 am
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I’m getting the hang of making miso soup that isn’t instant, lol. I found out today that my green onions that I left to rot forever and ever ( two weeks, lol ) are actually 100% still good, they just got a bit dark on the outside but they taste fresh and really made the miso.

I’m trying to get more water into my diet and, since the way I make miso is very weak ( I’m still not used to the stronger versions, because I can’t really guage how much of what to use, lol. ), I figured it would be a good way for me to deal with the horrible Missouri toilet water that comes out of the tap. I filter my heart out as it is, but it doesn’t seem to make too much difference in taste, and I’d like to find as many variations on getting that water into my system as possible without gagging on my own tongue, lol.

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Dec. 20th, 2007 02:51 pm
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Ooh, I just had my very first strawberry Yogu Time, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! I’m so so with fakey strawberry flavors, much preferring the real thing, but this was sooo good. I usually just buy white peach Yogu Time, because I’m a peach fanatic and I know what I like ( peach Ramune is to die for ), but this time Laota and I decided to order extra Yogu to sample a new flavor and as it turns out it tastes a lot like strawberry frozen yogurt, which I highly recommend. I think next we’ll be sampling melon and maybe lychee? Any recommendations?

Strawberry Yogu Time

I usually shop at the ultra cheap and ultra fabulous Asian Food Grocer when I’m not on eBay or getting care packages from my Japanese friends, but any Asian web store recommendations that serve up treats like unagi ( I love me some eel, so yes I refer to it as a treat! ), Yogu, Ramune, Pocky, Hi-Chew, ect. are more than welcome, and anything I buy from those stores I’ll make sure to mention on the blog. If you have an affiliate link, and you’ll get paid if I shop there, go ahead and link me up! I’d be happy to drop a few bucks in your pocket for helping me out. :)

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