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If you’re a Japanophile, like I am, but haven’t had the opportunity to go to and visit Japan in person, you may be wondering what a life in Japan would be like for gaikokujin / gaijin (yes, I know some people find those terms offensive, but I don’t and it refers to me so calm down, lol) like us?

Well, some awesome person has put a full-length documentary on Youtube called, “A Life In Japan” that follows the lives of several non Japanese trying to make it in Japan. Have a look!

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I reviewed this restaurant in November, I believe, because I’d gotten to treat there for my birthday (which is in November) during their grand opening and had nothing but nice things to say about the place.

Well, my tune hasn’t changed. In the last several months I’ve had take out from them a few times but this is the first time I’d been back to dine in since November.

China King isn’t a chain, or at least I don’t think it is. It’s Americanized Chinese food at it’s best. It’s clean, the staff is SO courteous, patient and nice and the food, as always, is to die for.

I went with Laota, Mom and her Hubbs and we sat in the well lit dining area (flanked by two big-screen TVs tuned to Discovery and History channels) and had a great meal, here’s some of what we had:

The only issue I have with China King is that it’s so small, and I think that limits their appeal to the locals but I love the place. The food is hot, served fast and fresh, the staff are wonderful and they have the best crab rangoon – probably the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in Missouri, period.

Curious? Check them out:

Tel: 660-425-8884
604 20th St.
Bethany, Missouri USA 64424

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Cheap Club Sandwich

Delish! Lunch today was a club with fresh garden tomato slices, smoked turkey deli meat (cheap!), fresh crunchy salad mix for the veggies, American cheese slices (usually yuk – not this time!), and soft cooked bacon.

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