Feb. 19th, 2013

bento_box: KFC Christmas (KFC Christmas)

Okay, I admit it – I’m a Sailor Moon junkie! The manga was fantastic, the anime shows and films are classic, and nothing beats Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon when you want some pink, glittery action!

Like most SM people, I became obsessed with the whole universe when I was in my tweens and the English-dubbed anime (complete with Sailor Moon Says morals at the end of each episode) would play before school every morning.

I loved Serena and her friends, I loved the clothes they wore (Including those funny looking ‘sailor suits’ which, before I knew any better, I thought were the ‘sailor’ part of the name – man, the things you learn about as you grow up! ^_^), I loved the places they went, and the whole thing really kicked off my love of Japan in a mild way before I even knew what was happening. I even loved Serena’s ‘meatball’ hairstyle! Of course, now I know a little something about Japanese school uniforms (and the nuance they play in Sailor Jupiter’s life), about Serena/Usagi’s dumpling buns (odango atama, or ‘dumpling head’, which didn’t translate well, I guess!), the lovely places and all that nice stuff.

I have long since moved through the Sailor Moon verse, and the many shows, films, books, manga, etc. (as well as a love for the Japanese language) that I eventually found outside of the Mooniverse that I wouldn’t have found if Sailor Moon had not introduced me to anime to begin with. That one little show, when I was a kid, opened up worlds of Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Another, Accel World, Spirited Away (ANYthing Studio Ghibli!), Death Note, Red Tear, and, eventually, on came the Eastern horror films, bento and then the rest of the culture that flooded fast behind it. I owe a big debt to the adorable, lazy girl with a big appetite and a bigger heart!

But, even moving on a bit, I still get nostalgic for the good old days – for the English dubbed Sailor Moon – clumsy, cheerful, a bit dim, made fun of by Darien and screamed at by a cat. And that’s when I turn to Youtube to get my fix!


Yeah, apparently almost ALL of Sailor Moon is on Youtube!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! And, if you don’t like their video? I will punish you! Winking smile

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