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The house we’re renovating is a giant Edwardian manor that once belonged to the town’s ‘first family’. It shares an architect with both City Hall and the Carnegie Public Library (all built around the same time). The last owner left it in a shambles (what an absolute shame!) with a roof that pours when it rains, giant monstrosities in the yard that used to be plants (many huge, vine-wound trees that look like forests all by themselves), pitifully broken windows and mirrors, two fireplaces that can’t be used and the grand and lovely wrap around porch and widow’s walk are both rotting to pulp.

Perhaps the worst thing about this house is that it’s kitchen is in a god awful state of repair. The stove barely works (judging by the foot-marks, soot stains and hole in the wall they must have taken out what would have been a beloved wood stove to put that ugly 1980s thing in it’s place), the wiring is atrocious, and all of it’s formerly-lovely vintage 1930s cabinets are rotten and disgusting.

I’ve been poking around the web, looking for counter tops and cabinets and I can’t seem to find anything to suit my tastes or the house. There are absolutely lovely cabinets jacksonville fl, but I don’t live in Florida and I have no idea what it would cost to ship and install from outside of Missouri.

They’re gorgeous – I’m really digging the great, warm and natural tones they’ve used that are so soothing – but I’m not finding anything that’s ‘vintage’ – what we want is to restore the house to it’s Edwardian roots and we’re having a hard time finding anything that works. Suggestions are welcome!

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