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I’m having a grand old time running around the net today, getting ideas for fall table settings! You know, there are folks who do the old stand by decorations – festive table cloths, fall leaves, rose petals. Of course, I’m not thinking of that kind of table setting – I’m thinking of something a bit more unique!

Something you don’t see often are tables set with lovely decorations inspired by antiquity (such as my inspiration, the Greek Goddess Hera), which covers everything from myths to dogma.

I’ve seen feathers used before in table settings, like those used in napkin rings in bridal arrangements. But this being Hera we’re talking about, what I need are white plumes offset with some lovely peacock feathers to set off mostly white and stone bases.

Now, Greek and Roman sculpture was actually painted up so horribly that it’s a mercy that time faded it to the classical white marble we all marvel at, so white is what I’d be going with. Then you need to head over to a place like Eskay where you can grab some of their lovely peacock feathers wholesale or bulk for pretty decent prices, even when you factor in the shipping and handling fees.

Then you’re going to need to find your basics – you’re going to need stone or stone-fleck for your dinner plate. I’d go with a cobalt blue charger on top of that then a small, white marble plate on top of that.

Now you can arrange your peacock feathers and white plumes in a centerpiece or individually set into napkin rings to compliment the place settings – I wish I had the ability to do this and take photos!

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